MacLellan believes in a continuous improvement philosophy.  We have based our operations model on the fundamentals of TPS, and by doing so; we have an inherent determination to improve the process.  MacLellan has placed significant value on crafting methodologies and practices that harness improvements made by our team members and leadership.  We solicit ideas from our teams and search for best practices.  Our program dedicated to this effort is called SAVE.  Our goal is to identify waste and eliminate it from the process. We have developed a unique approach in utilizing the 8-Step Problem Solving Guide and we apply it to our operations.  The end result is in sync with Kaizen – identify the root cause and develop sustainable countermeasures.  An important part of developing best practices is to ensure these ideas are cascaded throughout the organization and applied where similar opportunities exist.  Routinely, we utilize web-based media tools to communicate and share these ideas.  To encourage these activities we take time to recognize excellent practices.  Through this recognition, process team members and leadership alike are recognized.  This recognition program is referred to as, “Best of the Best3”.  Here MacLellan has the opportunity to place the spotlight on its greatest asset – its people.

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